Liu Bao & Pu Erh Specialty Teas

Chin Bee Tea

Importer and distributor of premium Chinese tea in Malaysia.

About Chin Bee Tea

Our love for premium Chinese tea especially Liu Pao tea was sparked some 30 years ago.  Fast forward 30 years and we’re still as excited about Chinese tea as the first day we started. 

As a Penang business, Chin Bee Tea began selling Liu Pao tea in 1988. The business was founded by Jet Ong’s father. Jet has now taken over his father’s business and now specialises in selling Liu Pao and Pu Er tea to tea drinkers from all over Malaysia.

Jet’s father started by taking tea from a local tea importer but over the years, the tea business grew rapidly thanks to the growing tea drinking culture in Penang.

In 1998, their tea sales grew by leaps and bounds. He began in earnest to import teas directly from China. He took in teas from small tea farmers in China and not long after, became an official distributor of China Tea (Wuzhou) Co. Ltd.

China Tea (Wuzhou) Co. Ltd, as a subsidiary of China Tea Co Ltd, has more than 50 years of history in manufacturing and exporting Liu Pao tea especially to tea drinkers in Southeast Asia. The tea company is located in Lijiazhuang Wuzhou by the Xijiang river with ample factory space dedicated to the manufacture and storage of this speciality tea.

Chin Bee Tea is among the four Malaysian companies selected as exclusive tea distributors in Malaysia for China Tea (Wuzhou) Co. Ltd.

It is an honour that Chin Bee Tea is proud of as China Tea is very selective about its overseas distributors.

chin bee tea penang official Wuzhou China Tea importer
Jet and his brother, Jia Jun with their official plaque from Wuzhou China Tea. They are among the only 4 authorised Liu Pao tea importers for Malaysia.
about chin bee tea penang
Jet visited China Tea (Wuzhou) Co., Ltd's new factory in 2018.
chin bee tea jet ong in china
Jet with China Tea (Wuzhou) Co., Ltd CEO, Mr. Zhang JunWei with his Export Sales Assistant Manager, Mr. Su ZhiMing.
chin bee tea jet ong
Jet With Madam Xiong YanPing, who granted Chin Bee Tea the sole distributorship to import Liu Pao tea from China for Malaysia (northern region) in 1998. Photo taken in 2018.
chin bee tea visits china tea wuzhou
Jet with China Tea (Wuzhou) Co., Ltd Deputy CEO, Mr. Wu XiaoHu.