Zheng Yan Bai Nian Shui Xian



A premium Oolong tea originating from Wu Shan Di (吴三地), a boutique tea plantation. It is one of our bestselling teas as it is available only in limited quantities. This DeQuan Bai Nian Lao Cong (德泉百年老枞 ) is harvested from tea bushes of at least a hundred years old with roots deeply embedded in the richest soils of the Wuyi mountains where Wu Shan Di lies.

Its beautiful amber colored infusion offers a nutty aroma. The clear brew offers rich, woody and fruity notes in the mouth, enhanced by a delicate floral (orchid) presence.

Other cheaper varieties of Shui Xian have a burnt taste and are not comparable to this premium Oolong offering of ours.

100g (10 x 10g small individual packet)

Packing Date:
September 2017

DeQuan Tea

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