Tu Pu Treasure Box

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This treasure box contains

  • a Liu Pao tea history book
  • a Qinzhou Nixing pot
  • 1 kilogram of tea brick

To commemorate China Tea (Wuzhou) Co., Ltd. new factory opening.

Only 2018 sets available worldwide.

The book 《中茶窖藏六堡茶图谱》[Zhong Cha Jiao Cang Liu Bao Cha Tu Pu; written in Chinese] was completed after numerous editions. It speaks in depth of Liu Pao as an export tea, and talks about the tea trade, processes and cultural importance. Also included photographs of old tea collections produced by China Tea’s predecessor.

The Qinzhou Nixing pot is a handiwork of Guangxi, by Wang Jing You. ShiPiao pottery, a reproduction, that has a YaoBian feature (a glazing method that produces distinctive colours).

Every pot has a ‘ZhongCha Jiao Chang Liu Bao Cha’ engraved in Chinese and most significantly, only 2018 pieces are made and each has its own unique identification numbers at the bottom of the pot.

The tea brick is made with highland tea in 2016.

Packing Date:

Zhong Cha/China Tea (Wuzhou) Co., Ltd.

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