Heart Sutra Zisha Teapots (5 in a set)

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A set of 5 Heart Sutra Zisha Teapots inscribed with the Heart Sutra mantra. The set comes with 5 teapots in pleasing colours: blue, brown, gray, purple and red. This is art that sits on your tea shelf!

Yixing is a type of clay from the region near the city of Yixing in Jiangsu Province, China (Lake Tai). Also known as “zisha” (宜興紫砂) ware. Zisha, mined at Huanglongshan and Zhaozhuangshan, is a mixture of kaolin, quartz and mica with a high iron oxide content.

The clay has been used to produce Chinese pottery since the Song dynasty (960–1279). Since the 17th century, Yixing clay ware have been exported to Europe.

Most tea accessories made with zisha are usually unglazed. Yixing tea ware are prized because their unglazed surfaces has the ability to absorb the flavour of the tea, thus creating a more complex tea flavour. As a result, never wash your Yixing tea ware with detergent. Only rinse briefly with water and air dry.

Fang Yuan Pai 方圆牌


Yixing Redware Craft Factory of Jiangsu Province

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