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Mr Cai Yi Ming is a master tea formulator and a Liu Pao tea expert who has spent 43 years in the tea industry with most of it in the production and development of Guangxi Wuzhou Liu Pao tea.

Mr Cai who will be retiring this year is also the Deputy CEO of China Tea (Wuzhou) Co., Ltd.  His immense interest and passion in creating special ways to process and ferment Liu Pao tea has earned him 8 patents from the People’s Republic of China.

For this limited edition Cai Sifu Liu Pao tea brick, Mr Cai personally supervised the production. Using special grade tea leaves grown on mountains and Mr Cai’s unique cave-storing method and fermentation process, the tea from this tea brick tastes of crystal-clear sweetness with a strong earthy aftertaste.

This tea is limited to 4,300 bricks worldwide to commemorate Mr Cai’s dedication and effort in the tea fermentation industry in China for the past 43 years.

We managed to get hold of 6 tea bricks (each brick weighs 1kg).

Limited Edition: Only 4,300 sets available worldwide.
Each piece has a serial number.

Offer: 10% discount if you buy all 6 bricks
The 10% discount is applicable to the amount you pay now. If you just pay the deposit, your discount is calculated for your deposit only. If you pay the full amount, you’ll get the discount for the entire amount for the 6-brick purchase.


1 Kg

Packing Date:
April 2018

Zhong Cha/China Tea (Wuzhou) Co., Ltd.

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