Black Box Liu Pao -10th Edition



Black Box Liu Pao is a trademark tea product from China Tea.

To date, China Tea has introduced 9 of such tea variants. This is the 10th generation of Black Box Liu Pao tea in loose leaf form. It was originally produced for export to Japan in the 1980s as it was a premium grade Liu Pao. The first edition was named ‘无土黑盒’, because it lacked a 土 on the word 堡 alongside with 黄盒 (Yellow box) and 山水盒 (Shan Shui Box). These 3 teas were earmarked for the overseas market.

In 2015, the company re-issued the 9th version of this Black Box Liu Pao tea under the brand ‘Duoteli’ due to its popularity among tea drinkers and tea connoisseurs.

This is a super grade tea (特级) which means it has been fermented naturally since 2008. The brewed tea is dark brown with a richly mellow, long-lasting aftertaste. This naturally fermented tea is definitely a must-have in your tea collection.

When the smaller tea producers were grouped as a co-operative under China Tea (Wuzhou) Co Ltd, this tea was produced again. This edition is unique in that the co-operative logo of COFCO is used on this 2018 edition of Black Box Liu Pao. There is no doubt that China Tea plans on making this tea a bestseller in China.

More importantly, this 2018 Black Box Liu Pao won the first prize in China under the ‘Zhong Cha Bei 中茶杯’ 12th edition in December 2017.


Packing Date:
August 2012

Zhong Cha/China Tea (Wuzhou) Co., Ltd.

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