China Journalists Arrive For A Tea Discovery Trail

Jet recently played host to two journalists from China who came to Penang for a tea discovery trail. They wanted to interview the locals and understand how Malaysian Chinese traders, importers and tea drinkers took to Liu Pao tea (which originates from China of course) and how the tea is sold as well as any anecdotes about the tea.

For the first part of their discovery session, Jet showed them the different types of tea that Chin Bee Tea imports from China. This was followed by a tea sampling to showcase the unique characteristics of the tea and its flavour which changes as it ages and continues to ferment in our tropical weather.

The journalists also interviewed some of Chin Bee Tea’s customers who are long-time tea drinkers and tea connoisseurs.


Jet brought them next to a traditional Chinese grocery shop, Kwong Tuck Sundries & Liquors, that sold China teas in packaging that is quite rare. Their teas are packed in brown paper and tied with string, just as in the olden days. He also took them to visit other Chinese shops in George Town that sold Liu Pao tea.

Read the published article by the Chinese journalists.

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