Learning About Wuyi Mountain Tea

Jet recently visited Wuyi Mountain in October to learn about tea production. Wuyi Mountain is a UNESCO Heritage site which grows a lot of old tea plants that produces high quality and much sought-after tea.

According to Wikipedia, tea from Wuyi Mountain in northern Fujian,China is well-known such as Lapsang Souchong and Da Hong Pao. Wuyi has been one of the major tea production areas in Fujian province. It produces black and oolong teas.

Wuyi Mountain teas are called “rock tea” because the tea plants grow on the mountainsides, on rocky, mineral-rich soil. At the same time, the tea plants or bushes don’t yield much tea resulting in costlier tea. Teas from the leaves of these old tea bushes are limited and therefore expensive.

Jet was also taken to visit the Wuyi University’s School of Tea and Food Science where it is a research cum teaching centre for all matters related to Chinese tea specifically tea native to Wuyi Mountains. The university offers a bachelor’s programme in tea science (tea culture and economy).

The school features practical centers and labs such as the tea culture training centre, tea ceremony practice centre, tea leaves processing lab, food and safety inspection lab  and also grows its own tea in their exhibition garden and tea garden. All these facilities ensure that students learn and practice what they’ve been taught.


Jet visiting the Wuyi University’s School of Tea and Food Science.

Tea plantation within the Wuyi University.


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