[VIDEO]: Unboxing Da Shu Jin Hua Liu Pao Tea

Our new tea shipment has arrived!

da shu jin hua liu pao tea

And with this shipment, we have ordered the highly popular Da Shu Jin Hua Liu Pao tea which is an unripe tea.

This Liu Pao tea is unique in that it is dotted with Jin Hua or literally “Golden Flower”. It is not really a flower though.

It is a probiotic (Eurotium cristatium) that gives the tea its healthful benefits such as anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, fat reduction and has the ability to regulate the immune system.

Eurotium cristatium grows on the tea under special temperature and humidity conditions during fermentation. The tea is produced based on research by the Hunan Agricultural University.

If you have seen our earlier video where Jet introduces this tea and show you how it is brewed, you would know that the brew is lighter in colour – almost gold – and tastes mild and light.

Here is a video where Nic, Jet’s business partner, unboxes this 1kg tea brick which just came in the tea shipment this week.

It makes a fantastic gift as it comes in a beautiful gold box with a test report/certificate to ensure you are getting genuine tea from China (Chin Bee Tea is one of the Malaysian importers for premium Chinese tea from China Wuzhou Tea).

You can get this tea from our shop while stocks last.

It was sold out the last round so make sure you order this highly popular Da Shu Jin Hua Liu Pao tea quick!

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