Our Certificates of Authenticity

When you are buying Chinese tea, it is important to know that you are buying from a genuine tea distributor or importer. This ensures that the Chinese tea that you are purchasing is authentic.

As we have been Chinese tea importers and distributors for decades now, we know that many people come to us and ask us how they can be sure of the authenticity of the Chinese Liu Pao tea that they are buying or consuming. Many can be hesitant to buy Chinese tea especially Liu Pao tea online.

To guarantee that our tea is genuine and safe, we are pleased to show you the certificates that China Tea includes in each of our tea order and shipment.

Each shipment must include a sanitation certificate (below) which shows that the tea is processed and produced following the proper procedures and is safe for human consumption.

tea sanitation certificate

Another certificate is one called the Fumigation/Disinfection Certificate that informs the relevant authorities that the tea shipment we ordered has been fumigated.

tea fumigation certificate

Finally, each shipment we get also includes this warranty certificate which states that the tea shipment from China Tea complies with the Malaysian Food Act 1983 and Food Regulations 1985.

tea warranty certificate

Only with these certification can you be sure that the tea you buy is genuine and comes directly from our tea producer and manufacturer, China Tea.

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