[VIDEO]: Smaller Liu Pao Tea Packs Coming Soon!

We know you’d love to taste all the different types of Liu Pao tea so we will soon be introducing small packs of Liu Pao tea!

Smaller packs enable you to sample different Liu Pao that is produced by China Tea (Wuzhou).

In today’s video, Jet gives you a preview of the 613010 Liu Pao which will be arriving soon from China. He demonstrates the brewing process for this popular tea. It is refreshing and thirst-quenching and can be drunk daily.

Liu Pao tea possesses a soothing aftertaste which helps with clearing internal heat and dampness as well as aiding digestion.

Interestingly, it is our Malaysian climate that is highly suitable for storing tea such as Liu Pao.

Our hot and humid weather helps the tea develop subtle flavours that are unique to teas aged and stored in this region. Ultimately, Liu Pao tea may differ in tastes even if they originate from the same batch as storage in different places and climates do affect the tea.

Most of our customers will buy Liu Pao to drink as well as to store/age for future enjoyment (and at times, investment).

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