[VIDEO]: Jin Hua Liu Pao Tea – Introduction To Probiotic Tea

In this video, Jet introduces Jin Hua Liu Pao Tea Brick and its tea characteristics. Jin Hua literally means golden flower, a probiotic (Eurotium cristatium) and it grows on the tea under special temperature and humidity conditions. This unique fungal fermentation makes the tea a popular medicinal tea. This tea is produced in collaboration with Hunan Agricultural University.

The tea is characterised by a fungal fermentation stage during the tea manufacturing process. The result is that the tea is dotted with yellow fungi called Jin Hua. This also indicates that the tea fermentation was successful. Jin Hua is a mixture of several microorganisms with Eurotium sp.

Much research has been carried out on this medicinal Chinese tea.

It has anti-cancer effects according to research by Almeida, A. P., Dethoup, T., Singburaudom, N., Lima, R., Vasconcelos, M. H., Pinto, M., & Kijjoa, A. as published in 2010 – “The in vitro anticancer activity of the crude extract of the sponge-associated fungus Eurotium cristatum and its secondary metabolites” in the Journal of Natural Pharmaceuticals.

It also has immunoregulation effects (Wang, Xu, Liu, & Li, 2015 Wang, Y. L., Xu, A. Q., Liu, P., & Li, Z. J. (2015)] and is anti-bacterial [(Wu, Ding, Xia, & Tu, 2010 Wu, Y. Y., Ding, L., Xia, H. L., & Tu, Y. Y. (2010)].

It also has the ability to inhibit fat deposits [(Peng et al., 2014 Peng, Y. X., Xiong, Z., Li, J., Huang, J. A., Teng, C. Q., Gong, Y. S., & Liu, Z. H. (2014)].

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