Liu Pao Jin Hua Tea Brick 2019 Parents’ Day Twin Pack Special

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Get this special twin pack of shu and sheng Liu Pao Jin Hua Tea to honour your parents for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Give the gift of health through the remarkable properties of this special probiotic tea!

This Liu Pao Jin Hua Tea Brick is considered medicinal as it contains Jin Hua or known scientifically as Eurotium cristatium (a fungi that is a probiotic). The probiotic tea is useful in regulating metabolism, improving digestion as well as enhancing the immune system.

Research for this microbial fermented tea was conducted by China’s Hunan Agricultural University. Get more information about this probiotic tea on our blog. Limited sets available.

Bonus: Get a tea knife worth RM15 when you buy our twin pack special. The tea knife is used to loosen the tea from the tea brick.

1 Kg x 2 bricks (Parents’ Day Twin Pack Special)

Packing Date:
October 2016

Zhong Cha/China Tea (Wuzhou) Co., Ltd.

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