Exclusive Wuyi Tea Souvenir for Redbox Studio

Jet presented Nic of Redbox Studio with a precious and exclusive tea package from Wuyi Mountains, China. He was at Wuyi Mountains to learn more about tea and tea-growing and visited friends in the tea business.

Jet and Nic started this ecommerce website a year ago and this gift marked a milestone in their working partnership. Nic who is himself a tea aficionado believed that there is a market for tea lovers – people who appreciated high quality Chinese tea and would like to buy teas online from a genuine tea distributor.

The partnership has been a huge success as Jet started getting inquiries from all over the world (US, Ireland, Singapore, Australia and more) since this website launched. Many of his tea buyers are often excited when they find this website as they know they’re getting the real deal. If you have been buying tea from Chin Bee Tea, we thank you for your support!

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