Li Yan and Friends From Beijing Visit Chin Bee Tea

As a tea importer, we often get interested groups who like to visit us, talk to us and buy our tea. We have hosted domestic and international visitors interested in our premium quality Liu Pao teas.

On 14 July 2018, we welcomed a group of visitors from Beijing who wanted to look for good quality Liu Pao tea in Malaysia (Liu Pao tea ages and ferments beautifully in our tropical climate).

Li Yan and his friends came to Chin Bee Tea for some tea sampling and tea shopping. It was Li Yan’s second time in Malaysia.

The group sampled Liu Pao teas such as tea 613010, tea 201016, Cai Sifu Liu Pao Tea Brick, 0211 and 07123 from Three Crane and Bai Nian Shui Xian from very old tea plants.

Liu Pao tea was once a health beverage for Chinese tin miners in Perak, Malaysia and due to its history in Malaysia, it is beginning to find its way back to China and gaining popularity among tea lovers in China.

Please note that visits to our shop are by appointment only. 

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